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Walt Douglas

Title/Position: Philanthropist/Author
Company: N/A
Website: http://www.waltdouglasonline.com

Hello – I’m Walt Douglas. Not long after I moved to Detroit as a young computer programmer, my life was changed by an event that had a profound effect on…

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Louis Green

Title/Position: President & CEO
Company: Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council
Website: http://www.minoritysupplier.org

Louis Green is the President and Chief Executive Officer of MMSDC. The Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council (MMSDC) is one of the nation’s premier organizations for increasing business opportunities between…

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Darrin M. Redus

Title/Position: President & CEO
Company: Main Street Inclusion Advisors, LLC
Website: http://mainstreetinclusionadvisors.com/

Darrin M. Redus Sr., a national thought leader in inclusion-based entrepreneurship, is founder, President & CEO of Main Street Inclusion Advisors, LLC. (MSIA). MSIA is a national privately held strategic…

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David O. Egner

Title/Position: President & CEO
Company: Hudson-Webber Foundation
Website: http://www.hudson-webber.org/

David Egner has led the Hudson-Webber Foundation as its President & CEO since 1997. The foundation has assets of $146 million and concentrates its resources on its mission of improving…

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Forrest S. Carter Ph.D.

Title/Position: Associate Professor of Marketing
Company: Michigan State University
Website: http://www.msu.edu/‎

Dr Carter is an Associate Professor of Marketing in the Eli Broad School of Business at Michigan State University; where he teaches courses in marketing research, marketing strategy, and entrepreneurship….

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Frances Kai-Hwa Wang

Title/Position: Professor/Activist
Company: Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce
Website: http://www.apacc.net/

Frances Kai-Hwa Wang grew up in the heady start-up culture of Silicon Valley and has a long history in ethnic new media, nonprofit administration, international development, and small business start-ups….

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Greg Martinez, Jr.

Title/Position: Founder & CEO
Company: MTZ Global
Website: http://www.mtzglobal.com

Detroit Native Southwestern High School Graduate Class 1985 Wayne State Univeristy (BS Criminal Justice) Central Michigan Univeristy Graduate ( Master Public Admistration) 1st US Secret Service Coop Intern in Nation…

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Hester Williams

Title/Position: Assistant CEO
Company: Wayne County
Website: http://www.co.wayne.mi.us/

Currently serves as Assistant CEO (since March 2011) Wayne County Manages Outreach and constituent services and community development initiatives Former Executive Director NAACP Detroit Branch 1999 – 2011 Civil rights…

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Harvey Hollins III

Title/Position: Director of the Office of Urban and Metropolitan Initiatives
Company: State of Michigan
Website: http://www.michigan.gov

Harvey Hollins III, as Director of the State of Michigan’s Office of Urban and Metropolitan Initiatives (OUMI), serves as a principal advisor to Governor Rick Snyder on matters related to…

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Robert J. Horn

Title/Position: Partner
Company: Jackson Lewis
Website: http://www.jacksonlewis.com

ROBERT J. HORN is a Partner in the Washington, D.C. Region office of Jackson Lewis. Mr. Horn counsels corporate, nonprofit and international clients on public policy and regulating issues in…

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Vincent L. Kountz

Title/Position: Data Dissemination Specialist
Company: Chicago Region of the U.S. Census Bureau
Website: http://www.census.gov/regions/chicago/

Vincent L. Kountz is a Data Dissemination Specialist for the Chicago Region of the U.S. Census Bureau working in the state of Michigan. Data Disseminations Specialists initiates and maintains working…

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Leon C. Richardson

Title/Position: CEO
Company: Chemico-Mays
Website: http://www.chemicomays.com/

Chemico Systems, Inc. opened its doors for business with Leon C. Richardson as President on September 13, 1989. Mr. Richardson has led Chemico Systems, Inc. from a start-up company to…

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Gerald L. Moore

Title/Position: Michigan District Director
Company: U.S. Small Business Administration
Website: http://www.sba.gov

Gerald L. Moore is the Michigan District Director of the U.S. Small Business Administration. As District Director, he is responsible for the delivery of all SBA programs and services in…

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Sol Ross

Title/Position: Director of Private Sector Engagement
Company: US Department of Health and Human Services
Website: http://www.hhs.gov/

Sol Ross currently serves as the Director of Private Sector Engagement in the Intergovernmental and External Affairs Office of the Secretary in the Department of Health and Human Services. He…

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Sommer N. Woods

Title/Position: Director of External Relations
Company: M-1 Rail
Website: http://m-1rail.com/

Sommer N. Woods is experienced in marketing, project management, government relations, public relations and event planning. Her background includes event planning, sponsorship fulfillment and activation for PGA TOUR, Super Bowl…

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Trevor Pawl

Title/Position: Director of Pure Michigan Business Connect
Company: Michigan Economic Development Corporation
Website: http://www.michiganbusiness.org/

Trevor is the Director of Pure Michigan Business Connect, a Michigan Economic Development Corporation initiative commissioned by Governor Rick Snyder to connect Michigan companies with innovative growth opportunities. Prior to…

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Eric Hardy

Title/Position: CEO
Company: w3r Consulting
Website: http://www.w3r.com

w3r Consulting brands itself as a company driving change in the world of information technology. That drive comes from Eric A. Hardy, President and Chief Executive Officer. Eric is responsible…

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The Urban Economic Conference 2013

The Michigan Black Chamber of Commerce (MBCC) is hosting its 2nd Urban Economic Conference. The purpose of these forums is to: 1) connect urban entrepreneurs and business owners to the local, state, and national resources and networks they need to grow and hire; 2) to shine a spotlight on the urban economic success stories and positive economic momentum in urban centers across the state of Michigan and 3) to use these convening’s as a way to encourage the commitment of more resources and attention to local urban entrepreneurs.

Building on the Michigan Black Chamber of Commerce’s Urban Economic Agenda, this conference will connect the President’s economic vision, and agenda, regional and state resources, to the needs of urban entrepreneurs, demonstrating MBCC’s ongoing commitment to supporting the success of urban-owned businesses and connect area urban entrepreneurs to resources and networks that can help them grow and hire.

Register Now

Black Business Economic Impact

African American-Owned Business Growth & Global Reach

African American-Owned Firms Generate $136 Billion in Economic Output to the U.S. Economy and Create about 910,000 Jobs*

All Firms
Gross Receipts
Avg. Gross Receipts
Firms with Employees
Receipts of Firms with Employees
Avg. Employer Receipts
Paid Employees
Population Buying Power (2009)**
All African American
$135.7 billion
$97.1 billion
$910.4 billion
All Minority
$1.0 trillion
$860.5 billion
$2.46 trillion
$9.8 trillion
$9.1 trillion
$8.25 trillion
Classifiable Firms
$10.9 trillion
$10.0 trillion
$10.7 trillion (all U.S.)
Total Firms in U.S.
$30.0 trillion
$29.1 trillion
  • In 2007, there were about 1.9 million African American-owned firms, of which 6 percent (106,566) were firms with employees.
  • African American-owned firms with employees had average receipts of over $911,000 and average employment of 9 workers per firm with employees.
  • The African American population had an estimated buying power of $910 billion in 2009, larger than the 2009 estimated purchasing power of all but 16 countries worldwide, including Australia ($824 billion), Taiwan ($717 billion) and the Netherlands ($654 billion). ***

African American Firms Outpace Growth of Non-Minority-Owned Firms

  • Between 2002 and 2007, African American-owned firms outpaced the growth of non-minority firms in gross receipts (53% African American growth), employment (21%), and number of firms (60%).
  • African American firms are an engine of job creation, with paid employment growing by 21% from 754,000 to nearly 910,000 compared to a decrease in employment of 1 percent for non-minority firms.
  • The fast growing African American population increased by 7% during the same period, compared to only a 1% increase for non-minorities.
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African American-Owned Firms Top Industry Sectors, 2007

African American Firms were most concentrated in Health Care & Social Assistance (19%); Administrative & Support and Waste Mgmt. & Remediation Services (11%); Transportation & Warehousing; and Professional, Scientific & Technical Services (both 9%). All Other Industry Sectors include firms in Agriculture; Utilities; Manufacturing; Wholesale Trade; Information; Finance & Insurance; and Accommodation & Food Services, among others.
Source: *U.S. Census Bureau, 2007 Survey of Business Owners, June 2011; 2002 Survey of Business Owners, September 2006; and Annual Population Estimates, June 2010. **University of Georgia, Selig Center for Economic Growth, "The Multicultural Economy 2009," Georgia Business and Economic Conditions, 2009. ***Central Intelligence Agency, The World FactBook, GDP estimates by country in 2009. Statistics for all groups except Total Firms in the U.S. exclude publicly held, foreign-owned and notfor-profit entities. Classifiable Firms are all U.S. firms less publicly held, foreign-owned, non-profit and other firms whose ownership cannot be classified in terms of race, ethnicity, or gender. Growth estimates for Non-Minority firms are MBDA estimates. The Selig Center for Economic Growth defines buying power as the total personal income of residents available for spending after taxes, excluding borrowed income or income saved in prior years. Buying power data for All Minority and Non-Minority are MBDA estimates. Produced by the Minority Business Development Agency, August 2011.